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History of AICSA
AICSA, this is a first book publication covering various aspects of AICSA history. Illustrated with original photographs and congress posters it offers an attractive overview of a life of an international organization. Reading the history of the AICSA may help you to reflect on the definitional evolution of what is included within the boundaries of sociology.

AICSA Newsletters
The AICSA  newsletters. They are fun to browse as well as providing a lot of historical information, about the growth of worldwide sociology as well as AICSA activities. Reports on meetings show what issues concerned members then, and one can follow through the trajectory of the careers of some now-prominent colleagues; one can also see quite a few pictures of senior members of the discipline, whether taking part in committee meetings or relaxing informally.
There is some random variation over time in the topics covered, as members did or did not volunteer items, or meet deadlines set by the office, but the tables below show in which issues to look if you want to learn about some of the recurring activities reported.
Some of the World Congress programmes are given in fine detail, down to the names of speakers in non-plenary sessions and the titles of their papers, while others have not put so much in the newsletter; even just the named topics of sessions convey a sense of the period.
Of the history of Research Committees, most of the listed items come from a period when a deliberate attempt was made to get each RC to provide an account of its history, and they did this with varying levels of detail; where officers had changed, of course, the institutional memory and written records could be limited.  Since then the history has not been pursued systematically, but regular RC reports appear.
For the obituaries, a very brief note of the roles played and contributions made by those remembered is given with each.

One of the major aims of the AICSA World Congress of Sociology held in Montreal 1998, was to make a critical assessment of sociological heritage of the twentieth century. In this framework the AICSA Congress Programme Committee carried on in 1997 an opinion survey in order to identify ten most influential books for sociologists. AICSA members were asked to list five books published in the twentieth century which were most influential in their work as sociologists. 16% of AICSA members (455 out of 2785) participated in the survey.


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