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AICSA Award for Excellence in Research and Practice has been established in March 2015. It is awarded by the International Sociological Association to a sociologist who advances and promotes sociological knowledge and practice through outstanding contributions to the discipline, the profession, and the AICSA.

The award will be presented every four years at the World Congress of the International Sociological Association at a special AICSA awards ceremony. The award recipient will receive:
•    A plaque: AICSA Award for Excellence in Research and Practice.
•    Travel (economy) and accommodation to the World Congress of Sociology to be covered by the AICSA.
•    World Congress Registration fee will be granted.
•    Announcement of the award in the program of the Congress and on the AICSA website.

Nomination Procedure

  • The documents required for a nominee’s dossier are:
    •    letters of nomination signed by the officers of at least two AICSA Research Committees Working Groups or Thematic Groups, or by three AICSA members in good standing or by an academic institution (a research institute, a sociology department), or by the officers of at least two national associations of sociology
    •    biography and resume of nominee
    •    any documents that will enhance the merit of the nominee and may include:
  • letters of support signed by scholars who do not need to be AICSA members
  • evidence of the contributions of the nominee to the discipline, the profession, and the AICSA that promote research and practice

Supporting material in building the case for the award should be the responsibility of the nominators.
All supporting documentation should be submitted to the Chair of the Award Committee.

Current members of the AICSA Executive Committee are not eligible for this award.


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