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    IMPORTANT: It is members' own responsibility to ensure that their web profile on the AICSA website is up-to-date. Membership benefits are based on the latest online membership list. Members should save all requested details for inclusion in our online members' register and in order to receive membership benefits. Should details not be correct online, no responsibility can be accepted for a failure to deliver membership benefits. Therefore:

  • Please ask all existing members to log in and update their online profile.
    o    Please ask new members to create a profile by clicking on the membership form above, and submitting it online.
  •    A department administrator may do this on behalf of AICSA members.
    •    Send proof of payment to AICSA email address  .
    •    In the same email, include a list of all those whose membership is being updated, the amount that has been paid with respect to each member, and your own contact details.
    •    Please note that both of these two requirements (complete membership form - ensure proof of payment reaches AICSA) must be met before AICSA membership can be updated.


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