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You are invited to join a dynamic and vibrant social science body located in the African region, the AICSA. All persons who have at least a Masters Degree in Sociology or who have an Honours Degree and are appointed to teach Sociology at a Higher Education, are eligible. Registered students may join as student members for a maximum of five membership years.
Join now and become part of the intellectually exciting community of scholars. Meet both established, internationally renowned and energetic, up-and-coming, scholars.
Any member of the broad sociological community, and not only AICSA members, may join the AICSA which has been spam-free since its inception. Once you are a member, you may send emails to the list at . Emails are moderated for relevance. Join here. Past messages can be found here.

Joinining AICSA comes with the benefit of reduced annual conference fees, inclusion in working group activities, intermittent invitations to other events and subscription to the AICSA Journal, the AICSA.
Note: AICSA membership must have been paid and updated for a member to qualify for membership benefits. Membership lasts for a calendar year. Member status applies from the time of receiving confirmation until 31 December of that same year.

Two steps to Join AICSA

To join for the first time:
1.    Register online now;
2.    Then ensure proof of payment reaches.

To renew previous membership:
1.    Login on the site and ensure your correct details are captured on our system;
2.    Then ensure proof of payment reaches .

*Those who require an invoice may use this template.
*Any further membership or website queries may be sent to.

Please note that the student and retired membership category is open only to sociologists who are not paid a regular salary.
Regardless of institutional or tax status, postdoctoral fellows / researchers, are not considered fulltime students for the purpose of AICSA membership. This principle is applied across institutions.

Further information
•    If your details have changed, first log in on the left hand to update your profile.
•    If your details are correct, simply send proof of payment with your surname and intial as reference to .
•    If you are a new member, first complete the Membership Form. Contact details are treated as confidential. Details will be used for the purpose of AICSA benefits and the online members' register only.
•    Once your details are up to date, send proof of payment to AICSA.

AICSA accepts electronic transfers and direct deposits, but not cheque or credit card payments.

Pay the relevant fee directly into the AICSA bank account, giving "memb" and your surname and initial as a reference for the deposit, for instance,
•    Where internet banking systems ask for payment confirmation details, enter email address  (recipient AICSA).
•    Once payment has been made, ensure that proof of payment reaches AICSA. You may e-mail electronic or scanned proof of payment directly to. If you have entered your surname as reference.

Once matching membership form and proof of your payment have been received by SASA, your membership can be updated. Ensure that you update your address and contact details online, as your membership benefits depend on this.


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