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•    Participation in the activities of the AICSA and its Research Committees, Working and Thematic Groups
•    Reduction in registration fees at AICSA World Congress and Forum of Sociology
•    Subscription to AICSA journals Current Sociology and International Sociology
•    Reception of aicsagram, an electronic newsletter containing announcements of conferences, calls for papers and manuscripts, prizes, competitions, job offers, etc.
•    Discount 45% on SAGE Publications books.
•    Discount price, £9.99 postage included, on SAGE Studies in Africa Sociology books published access to

  • SAGE Sociology Collection, which includes 83 journals.
  • Sage Research Methods, a resource which brings together information on methodological issues and choices, and provides copies of relevant articles; it can be used in many ways, including the planning of teaching methods and the making of decisions on what methods might be appropriate for a new project.
  •   AICSA Digital Worlds:
  • Global Dialogue

Newsletter published in 16 languages. A venue for debates, reports on conferences, state of different sociologies, interviews, and much more.

  • sociopedia.aicsa

An online database with state-of-the-art review articles in social sciences.

  • eSymposium

Forum through which AICSA members are able to engage in debate, showcasing the diverse work, practices, ideas and voices.

  • Social Justice & Democratization Space

Website that aims to build a global community through an open participatory approach to research, policy, pedagogy, practices and images.

  • Universities in Crisis

Blog of the AICSA with reports of concerned academics on the status of universities in the world.

  • Journeys through Sociology

Interviews with members of the AICSA Executive Committee.

  • Sociotube
  • Videos of AICSA Conferences and of the everyday life of sociologists.


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