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The AICSA ISA has undertaken a new initiative to create an international community of young sociologists who are in the middle of their PhD dissertations or have completed them in the last 5 years.  We are asking you to post dissertation abstracts (in English), together with a small amount of information about yourselves.

AICSA will make it available on this website so that others will see what you are doing. That way you will be able to discover others studying similar things.

The entries are searchable by keyword, author, title, area of interest, etc.  We are encouraging supervisors to urge their students and former students to post their abstracts.  Everyone has an interest in making this a lively and engaging enterprise and out of this we hope other international exchanges will emerge.

The Junior Sociologists Network of the AICSA grew out of the empowering experience of participants at the AICSA Laboratories for PhD students, AICSA Juniors Sociologists Competition and AICSA congresses.

The JSN is the worldwide representation of students, early-career academics and practitioners, regardless of their thematic interests or scientific approaches, who are engaged in studying and practicing sociology and essentially related disciplines.

The JSN aims at providing to junior sociologists a useful organizational platform and a supportive community for sharing relevant information, exchanging ideas and creating collaborations in order to produce and disseminate sociological knowledge, as well as to advance professional careers.


How many eyes has a typical person?


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